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The Production Zone has crafted a number of insightful, informational films for private and public sector medical organisations including NHS Leeds, Breast Cancer Care and Leeds Dental Institute. So how do we tackle healthcare video production?

Drawing upon the personable, considerate and compassionate approach we adopt for charity video production, the objective is usually to inform patients, their families and referring healthcare professionals.

The finished video production may therefore be intended as a highly engaging, thought-provoking and shareable resource to raise awareness of the need to check our bodies for early signs of an illness or disease. Alternatively, it may be designed as an internal communications and learning tool used in staff training and development sessions.

Once we know the purpose of the project, our team will delve into the depths of the medical topic, ensuring the facts are relayed cleverly yet clearly, for maximum impact. We’ll think about the purpose of the film, and the calls to action that should be included throughout. And we’ll use our creativity to ensure the content is engaging as well as informational. 

We may need to conduct interviews with patients and medical professionals, and/or script scenes with carefully selected actors. Either way, we’ll work with you to ensure we gather the content you had envisaged for the project. We’ll also think about the use of explanatory graphics/animations, voice over and music, to best convey the message and tone you require.

Please take a look at some of our most recent healthcare video production work, or why not explore the video services we can provide to this sector?